Night Guards

A Simple Way To Sleep Soundly

Night GuardsMouth guards go way beyond the “boil and bite” versions you probably remember if you played sports growing up. Custom mouth guards that are worn at night, aptly known as night guards, can actually be really helpful in protecting your teeth and jaw from the effects of teeth grinding and clenching. Since we sleep nearly 30% of our lives, it’s good to know we have some backup when we’re getting our beauty rest.
Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Teeth grinding, technically called bruxism, is both a habit and subconscious action that can have an extremely adverse effect on your oral health. It erodes the Mouth Guard 4enamel, which makes you susceptible to tooth decay and wear, strains the jaw muscles, can cause teeth to chip or crack, may damage restorations and, in extreme cases, leaves you with headaches or migraines.

What We Can Do About It

If you suffer from bruxism, Long Beach Smile Co. has solutions. Dr. Kaufman or Dr. Hamdani will diagnose the problem, help you decide which night guard option will work best for you and custom fit it to your mouth for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

When you sleep, your night guard will act as a buffer zone between your upper and lower teeth to minimize the effects of grinding and clenching. Our night guards are durable, easy to care for and won’t interfere with your speech or breathing.

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